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28 Day challenge success!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I recently ran a Free 28 day online fitness challenge through a Facebook group. The idea of the group was to post 28 days of some sort of physical activity whether it was a workout, run, walk, squat challenge, personal best challenge or reaching your step count on rest days!

In a very uncertain time in both Ireland and globally due to Covid-19, I felt people needed a bit of positivity and distraction from the media and the negativity that was brought along with it. Due to lock-down and government restrictions more people found themselves at home than before with more time on their hands and less distractions from the outside world so it seemed like the right time to run this. The response was fantastic and nearly 180 people joined our little community for the challenge!

It was great to see people of all ages getting involved and even involving their children in the workouts! I really loved putting the content together each week and seeing people enjoying themselves while encouraging others! The feedback from the group was brilliant and people said they found it a welcome distraction while on lockdown and helped keep them in a positive mindset! It was my first time to ever run an online program so seeing such positive feedback was very exciting! Thank you so much to all who got involved and helped distract me too!

"I love the fact that you gave feedback to everyone's post. It's like getting a good report from the teacher. You gave a great mix of exercises that were suitable for all fitness levels as you showed the different versions . The idea to have every one post each day was great as it gave a competitive edge as well as motivating everyone to keep going. The videos were great to explain each exercise. Job well done.Thank you David."

Leading on from the success of the challenge I have decided to run a 6 week online challenge which incorporates a Facebook group but with so much more! The challenge is priced at less than €3 a day and further details can be found through the link below! I'm so excited the next challenge and looking forward to helping you hit your goals! Lets do this!

New Challenge Starts 27th April.

Check out what feedback I got from our very successful 28 Day Challenge.

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